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Do you believe than 1 layer > 11 layers?

RhinePro Diamond 11 film is produced from high quality optical grade substrate. Utilizing advanced 11 layer metal film with multi-layer sputtering technology through low temperature vacuum processes to produce the thin atom coatings. The result is a film with 4 times the toughness of ordinary films, which offers excellent heat rejection and anti glare.

How it works?

Competitor films are generally heat absorbent in nature to an extend they will eventually become the heat source over extended time. RhinePro Diamond 11 film is designed with multi-layer sputtering technology which creates the filtering effect that reflects heat (instead of absorbing heat).


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Model Diamond 11
Price Standard D11S15CW082 RM3600 Large D11S16CW003 RM3800 MPV D11S17CW023 RM4000
Visible Light Transmission [VLT]


Ultra Violet Rejection [UVR]


Infrared Rejection [IRR]


Total Solar Energy Rejectton [TSER]


Film Thickness

3 Mil

Break Strength [lbs per inch ]

111 lbs/in

Product Warranty

15 years

Colour Durability

10 years

Heat Rejection Lifespan

10 years

Base Material Technology

Multi-layer Sputtered

Fuel Saving


JPJ Compliance


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